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Originally from: Bryant, AR
Currently residing in: Durango, CO
I've been on arkansasrockers since February 11, 2004
Last updated on Jun 25, 2020 at 6:03PM

In General

Relocated from AR to CO. Always lurking.


So, I’ll try and keep you posted on my progress Alana (and anyone here that cares). I’ve been training for this thing since March. I can report that I have lost quite a bit of beer gut and have also gotten into pretty good shape. I’m doing 8+ miles on my long trail runs, road biking a fair amount & hiking steep hills with a pack. Also doing HIIT workouts. I consider myself lucky to be able to train where I live. My workouts start at 6,500 feet in elevation and only go up from there.

*Addendum: I will be including attempts of Mt Baker & possibly Mt Adams in my training plan prior to my Rainier attempt. 








I’ve got to get the hell out of AR.

Got out.




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