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Originally from: Little Rock
Currently residing in: Little Rock, AR
I've been on arkansasrockers since January 9, 2007
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In General

Just reading a book review that reminded me of the NWA crime reports:

"Barth was a powerful rhetorician, and he weaved self-exposing self-accusations with announcements of the human need to respect the reality of love. I was reminded yet again that in a world of fluid, flexible rules, the people who get what they want are the ones who possess the aptitude and education that allows them to manipulate concepts and talk in nuanced ways." 



A pretty big hawk alighted in a pine on W. Palisades Friday. Stood there wondering whether to take out my phone or just keep standing there. Just stood there looking up about 85 degrees. Hawk took off before my neck got sore. 

Suburban Little Rock trees shed like a quarter of their leaves Friday night so Saturday morning light glared like winter; mild cognitive/emotional hangover made me regret not getting out more for the light of October and early November. Great blue clouds Saturday afternoon with wind and a band of sunlight on the northern horizon. Cold and clear today and the airplane exhaust did not smudge up the sky; that happened on a warmer day last week. 



In the spirit of area man who tells everyone he doesn’t own a TV: I quit facebook, instagram, and twitter seven weeks ago for all of the usual reasons, so, yeah, I’m on here. I am still glad Clay made this message board so we could get innoculated against social media before it hit. I mean it still hit, but without a 5-6 years of Arkansas Rockers beforehand it would have been much more bewildering. From now on, nothing but rainwater and PGA. 

It’s working though. Consciousness much less fractured and I get through the paper most days. And enjoy the offerings of the world wide web. And talk to the people I always talk to anyway. 






“We turned up Markham once more. The sun was sinking into the pine hills of Perry County, far away. Dusk was setting in. We drove all the way out to the west end of town, exploring the vastness of the new housing developments: Briarwood, Leawood, Robinwood, Kingwood, Birchwood, Grandwood, Brookwood, Westwood, Coolwood, Point O’Woods, and others; the innumerable ranch-styles and split-levels, faceless in the dusk but not shapeless, swarming in the butchered pine woods like a heard of neoteric mammoths munching and masticating bushels of green trading stamps. “Don’t it make you wonder?” Naps said, getting us lost on some twisting, terraced drive dipping through the center of what once had been a pleasant woodland in Boyle Park but now was cancerously crowded with the bedrooms of subexecutive insurance men who had driven home from the Tower Building in Comets and Corvairs. “It makes me wonder,” I said, and we found our way out of there, getting on Twelfth Street and heading back toward town, past the less pretentious outpost houses of the early Eisenhower era, then past the outmoded ranch-types of the Truman years, the stuccoed duplexes of the Roosevelt reign, on past the symmetrical white clapboard bungalows of the Hoover bad times, until fianlly we were back among old and faded parts of the nineteenth century again…”











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