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dry ingredients:
1c. flour-i use unbleached
3/4c. cornmeal
2 1/2 tsp. baking powder
some sugar if you want, my dad hates sugar in cornbread, so i don’t use it. most people do, though. i guess a couple of tablespoons.
lots of black pepper if you want it to be good.
a little salt. not too much, though.
mix all this stuff together in one bowl

wet ingredients:
2 eggs. beat’em
1c. buttermilk. you can use regular milk. or u can add vinegar to whole milk, which my mom does. kinda weird and i’m not sure how she does it so, uh, skip it.
1/4c. oil. i use canola.
you can also add jalapenos or corn or bell pepper or bacon if you eat it. if you do, you might want to grill them in a skillet prior to adding them, so some of the water cooks out of them. the bacon, of course, you’d fry it.
Once the wet ingredients are mixed add them to the dry. and stir just a’lil bit.

this is the same recipe for cornbread. if you make cornbread, heat some butter in an iron skillet. when the butter starts to smell good, add the cornbread. my parents will continue to heat the cornbread on top of the stove for a few seconds. makes a thick crust, which is fought over. then you put it in a hot oven and cook for 20 min. at 375-400.

for muffins. i put a little tiny bit of butter in each muffin holder and heat the whole thing in the oven. then, while the pan is still hot, i add the cornbread. i heat the muffins for 15 min. same temp. done. eat. get fat.

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