Norwegian sweet soup

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G-ma’s norwegian sweet soup, warm it up right after you’ve done some brutal farm work in sub-zero weather and itll take care of ya dontcha know. (okay iam transcribing this verbatim from her so it might sound wierd with all the raisins and such, its good but its not for everyone. let me remind you this is ussaly served with a meal of boiled potatos, lefse, and cod fish that has been soaked in lye water)

Lrg pearl tapioca 1 1/2 cup
soak for 2 hours in 2 cups of water

prunes : large bag, cover with water and bring to boil, let sit to soak for 30minutes or until you have assembled other ingredients then add to rest of fruit.
pear halves - large can undrained
Peache halves - large can, drained
apricots : package of dried
raisins -1lb of dark
1lb of golden

apples : 2-3 larg fresh apples sliced thickly
1 jar marschino cherries, undrained ( i cut cherries in half to make it look like there are more and more colorful)
2-3 cans of orange portions with juice
2 cans of dark sweet cherries
1/4 cup of lemon juice

all fruit together in swiss kettle ( note:i think she means whatever huge pot you have) add two bottles of welches grape juice to tapioca mixing well. break cinnamon sticks into 2-3 pieces (about ten overall) mix add water until fluid level can be seen through fruit. heat until boiling stirring keep from scalding (UGH!) then place on middle rack or oven @ 225 for 9 hours or more (overnight)
add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of vanilla (depending on how big of batch) stir well return to oven for another hour. add sugar to taste the liquid should thicken alot as it cools will keep for weeks under refrigeration in covered plastic bucket. serve warmed with a scoop of ice cream ja!!
Enjoy! it gives me ever great pleasure to pass it on to another generation!
good luck
Grandma H~

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