roasted red peppers

Submitted by tinybadger on 2011-02-08 05:45:32




Get some red peppers on sale, bring them home.

Put the oven on 450-475 degrees. Get a broiler-safe shallow pan and put the whole peppers in it and then in the broiler. As they get blackened and charred, turn them with tongs so that all sides get blackened and charred. Alternately, you can do this charring action by placing the peppers directly onto an open gas flame and turning accordingly. Make sure the sides get charred. Once this is done, pull them out, put them in a bowl and cover that bowl with plastic wrap or foil until they cool.

Once they are cool, use your hands to slough off the skins, pull out the seeds and strip the pepper meat into half-inch strips. Don’t lose the pepper juice that comes out. A few seeds will make their way into your awesome marinade, but that’s okay.

You will have some pepper juice and the meat of the peppers. Add some salt and ground black pepper, plus a splash of virgin olive oil, a bit of basalmic vinager, and as many crushed cloves of garlic as you have roasted peppers.

Use this on tacos, salads, in pasta sauce, on sandwiches, etc.

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