Fish Tacos, That's What She Said

Submitted by tinybadger on 2010-07-31 05:13:14




Tilapia or Flounder or Catfish filets
Corn Meal
Salt ‘n’ Pepa
Corn Tortillas (preferably the organic kind that smell like goat-ass petting zoo)
Crema Mexicana or Salvedorena
Cabbage, onion and carrots, shredded
Red pepper flakes
Vinegar (white, red wine or apple cider)
Mexican white cheese, any other cheese (optional)
Lime or lemon
hot sauce
Cooking oil

First off, put the shredded veggies in a bowl, salt and vinegar and red pepper them just enough, mix it all up and stash it in the fridge for a minimum one hour.

Thaw out the fish, if frozen. Rinse it off but don’t pat dry or anything. Reserve on a plate.

Put enough corn meal in a plate or pie pan for dredging the fish. Have another plate nearby for preliminary seasoning.

Put the first 2 filets on the seasoning plate, sprinkle salt, pepper, cumin and cayenne on the topsides.

Grab the filets and lay them, seasoned sides down, onto the corn meal.

While they are bathing in the cornmeal, season the new naked sides as directed above. Grab the filets and flip them over so the second sides get cornmealed, too. Press into the cornmeal so that there are no bald patches on the fish.

Heat cooking oil in a frying type skillet. When oil is hot, lay in the cornmealed, seasoned fish. Cook until ready to flip, then flip.

Heat tortillas in another skillet, no need for oil, just get them soft.

As fish gets done, put chunks in the warm tortillas and add the other toppings as desired, including that quick-pickle cabbage stuff you made before. Also, The Fucking Guacamole is good.

Serve with beans and rice if you feel like it and 100% agave booze. Holey Moley.

(The thing I like about this method is that you get crunchy, crispy “deep-fried” taste without deep frying, which as everyone knows is a pain in the wazoo. Pan fry that shit! This took me like 45 minutes the other night, and I fed 10 people! Have the toppings out so everyone self serves. Woop woop!)

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