the best grits

Submitted by chefjennifer on 2010-01-12 09:51:00

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All you really have to do to make the best grits is use chicken (or veggie) broth instead of water or milk to boil ‘em. Flavor issue=solved.

My favorite is chicken broth, regular Quaker grits; when they’re cooked stir in butter, fresh thyme, salt, pepper, a little white cheddar. Yummmmmm


Left by alannah — 2010-01-12 13:53:01

I prefer savory grits to sweet too (sweet grits? BARF). I just salt my water while boiling, but then add garlic powder & cheddar cheese while it’s all cooking. It’s my daughter’s hands-down favorite breakfast…garlic cheese grits.

Left by chefjennifer — 2010-01-14 11:11:47

Mmm, garlic cheese grits forever! Sweet grits reminds me of growing up in Okla. and eating rice. We always had rice with butter and sugar on it. I didn’t even know the proper place for rice was under a savory gravy-ish item until I was in my mid-20s.

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