Spaghetti Sandwich

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Okay make some spaghetti right, just the kroger kind it doesn’t have to be fancy. Break it up into halves and cook it in water like you do. Then get you a big can of Hunt’s four cheese spaghetti sauce, it is cheaper than dirt and may give you instant diabetes but sweet lord it is delicious. Get all that going on together. Take two slices of generic wheat bread and toaster that for maximum stability. (NOTE: once the toast comes out of the toaster don’t lay it all on a flat surface that will only make it get soft on one side, you got to make a bread tent on top of the toaster like so: /\ That will ensure the bread stays good and crispy as it cools.)
Okay get the spaghetti and put it on the bread, slap an american cheese slice on that and if you are fancy you can melt it. Put the other bread on there and go to town. This dish is served best with lukewarm tap water and is meant to be eaten quickly like you are starving which you are.
Good Style-
Do pretty much the same as above but spend a lot more money on better ingredients. Like say some Cibatta bread, sliced parmesan (not grated though you will look like an amateur), and some homemade marinara, tomatoes, maybe a little black pepper, you know whatever.
Total Ghetto Nihilistic Style-
Use untoasted white bread from EZ mart, replace spaghetti for cheap mac and cheese, use water instead of milk with the cheese powder. Add ketchup to make it red and tomatoey, et voila! Dinner is served. Eat while setting a bitch who owes you money’s gas main on fire outside her house, yell at the neighborhood kids watching you to shut the fuck up it’s none of their business.


Left by JointMasterWizard — 2008-08-01 13:23:24

It’s not a sandwich, it’s an essay on society.
I’m gonna add mayo.

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