Cato Springs Cucumber Salad

Submitted by tinybadger on 2007-07-16 17:31:52




Garden cucumbers
Red onions
toasted sesame seeds, ground up partway
kosher salt
toasted sesame oil
rice wine or red wine or sherry or umeboshi vinegar. white vinegar will do in a pinch but I wouldn’t use basalmic for this
asian red chili paste (the plastic jar with the green lid at the asian market)

Thinly slice equal parts red onion and cucumber, then alternate layers of each in a salad bowl, liberally salting between each layer with kosher salt. Once the bowl is full, put another smaller bowl on top of the veggies that will nestle easily, weight it down with a dictionary or your smut library and place in the fridge for a minimum of, say, 2 hours. Maximum 8 hours? That’ll do.

Once the salad has been adequately pressed, pull it out of the fridge and drain out all the resulting water into the sink. Grab the other ingredients and add in this order: vinegar of choice, chili paste to your level of spicyness, sesame seeds, then toasted sesame oil. toss to coat and enjoy as an appetizer. This is a version of an Asian pressed salad that I made up the other day. It will be good for digestion and the spicier you make it, the more you will feel like Jesus Christ upon eating a nice bowl full. I ended up weeping after I made this a few days ago, it has some kind of “chakra-busting” powers, according to someone who thinks she knows about such things.

Chinese cabbage and grated carrot would be nice additions probably.

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