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Originally from: Fredonia
Currently residing in: Fredonia, NY
I've been on arkansasrockers since October 23, 2002
Last updated on Feb 15, 2020 at 4:57PM

In General

I lived in Fayetteville for three and a half years while I got my Masters at the University of Arkansas. And one of those years I even lived on a farm.

Locking the taskbar.

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Thanks, Clay.


In general I’ve been up to the same old crap. The printshop is mostly busy. The weather has been mild thus far for winter.

Skateboarding has been happening. I set up a new board on the first of February and have been breaking in new shoes over the last week. I think they are finally coming around to being comfortable. My old ones sucked. I’m happy this company called Fallen is back in business because the other brands I’ve been wearing the last couple years weren’t great. They weren’t bad and they were skater owned, they just weren’t great kicks. I hate setting up a new board in the winter because they get muddy, but it had to be done. The old deck crapped out a bit faster than usual. I’m rolling so that makes me happy.

I haven’t drank a beer in three weeks. I went out each Friday in January and was useless the following Saturdays so I decided to take a proper break. I want to keep this sober streak going until at least mid March, if not longer. It feels good. Even if a day isn’t going great, it’s nice to not have to deal with recovering from drinking. It takes about a day and a half before I feel human again.

I hit the 19 year mark at the newspaper last night. I’ve been freelancing for 13 years now after working there for 6.5 years. Thankfully I’ve only been to one college hockey game this year and the rest of the games have been high school hoops. There’s another photographer who gets Dunkirk and Fredonia games so I’ve been picking random games in other towns to cover. Every game has something wrong with it. I feel bad for the reporter who covers them. Last week’s game started late and almost went to OT. It was enjoyable hoops, but it was really cutting it close on our deadline. Last night was a girls game in Silver Creek. The visitors crushed ‘em in a very lethargic contest. I got some good pictures and it was over quick, but it was not an exciting event to cover. I even got a photo in the Jamestown paper.

I got up super early today. I ate some breakfast and crashed on the couch while watching ESPN. I needed that extra rest. It was very cold and the sun was out so it looked pretty. I ran to the bank, got some groceries, and cleaned a little.

I drove over to Jamestown to go to the indoor skateboard park. They were supposed to be done with a remodel/repair job, but they weren’t. I dicked around on the mini ramp for maybe a half hour and gave up to go to the mall. I really think I should have tried harder on the mini. I probably could have put together a few tricks to be happy with. I cannot skateboard on ramps like I used to be able to. 2002 me would have rocked it. Too bad that guy isn’t around any longer. Meh.

The best thing I saw was this girl taught her boyfriend how to drop in. She wasn’t having any problem with the mini, which was awesome.

All the stuff at the park is weird. I don’t like it much. It’s not bad and it’s great to have an indoor place, but the ramps are weird. I’m allowing for my personal difference of opinion since I’m old and crappy and what they built isn’t necessarily what I’d prefer to ride. I’m fine with them building gnarly vert stuff, but the rest of it isn’t very well done. The transitions are all oddly kinked and tight. The masonite isn’t oriented correctly. The coping is funky. How the coping is set on the mini ramp is terrible, especially factoring in the odd, tight transitions. It pitches you off your board when you hit it. That’s not supposed to happen. The guys building it mean well. It’s a poor use of space and the obstacles are rough. With a little more planning and definitely making everything mellower it would be so much better. The city is getting a new outdoor cement park funded in part by the Tony Hawk Foundation and I’m hoping that turns out better. Whatever.

I’m not even mad because it all fits in with the tradition of half assing things in skateboarding.

After I left the park, I went to the mall. I got some Pilot Extra Fine pens and drove home. I did a little skateboarding in the driveway at my parents. There were a couple damp spots from melting snow. It was okay. I’m washing laundry and waiting on dinner now.

I’m so glad Rockers is back. Thanks again, Clay. This is the best place to unload long form ramblings or random abstract word art.

February 13, 2020:

So I guess we’re getting the band back together.

It snowed last night and has been doing so off and on today. There’s not much accumulation, but it is supposed to get really cold the next night or two before warming up again. It makes me glad I went outside to skateboard and take a walk yesterday evening. Work has been a little slow today. The weather scared off the customers.

I’m not ready for spring training baseball to start yet.

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