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Originally from: Fredonia
Currently residing in: Fredonia, NY
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In General

I lived in Fayetteville for three and a half years while I got my Masters at the University of Arkansas. And one of those years I even lived on a farm.

Locking the taskbar.

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Thanks, Clay.


There was rain this weekend. A lot of it.

I slept in on Saturday. It felt good to get some quality rest. I took a drive around Dunkirk and swung by the skatepark in the morning. Everything looked OK. It was raining so I didn’t bother getting out of the car. When I got home, the rain had stopped so I got my usual walk in at the college. The showers came back right when I got back to my place. I spent the afternoon cleaning and reading the newspaper. That’s getting to be a chore now with the damn plague. I farted around on the internet in the evening. One of my friends did a live stream concert on Facebook. It sucked a whole bunch of different ways. I did catch my friend in Montreal doing a remote DJ set on their local community radio station. That was neat.

I was up early on Sunday. I got the grocery shopping done. The store is getting restocked better now that all the panic buying has subsided a bit. People were generally polite and everybody was giving everybody else plenty of space. The temperature was over 70˚ F. It was dry in the morning so I was able to get another walk in. I opened up the windows to air out my apartment out while I cleaned. The fresh air felt nice. I did a couple minutes of skateboarding in the street. A cold front with a batch of rain passed through in the afternoon. I finished up the cleaning and napped. I read the paper and listened to records at night. I fell asleep to replay of a Mets/Marlins game. I did not sleep well at all.

I’ve had a few small things to do at work thus far today. It’s been cold and rainy all day. I’m OK with that. I’m really going to try to draw tonight.

March 27, 2020

The weather has basically been springlike this week. I think it will be even warmer for the weekend, except there will be rain. That’s not the worst thing ever.

I’ve gotten driveway skateboarding each day. It’s been nice outside after I get done with work. I haven’t been to the park in two weeks. I miss it, but social distancing. I might drive by just to check on the place over the weekend. I figure once it gets a little warmer, I will go take a couple laps around it early in the mornings when nobody will be there.

I’ve also gotten in walks around the college in the evening. I don’t do my full route due to time constraints, but it’s a good stroll.

Work has been half busy. I’m trying not to think about this one way or the other.

I went to the corner store by my apartment last night. I got a newspaper and two loaves of bread. They actually had a decent amount of bread. The grocery store has been hit or miss. I gave one loaf to my parents. Nobody was at the store when I went. If there had been another car or if I had seen a customer, I probably would have waited.

I haven’t been drawing at all. I wasn’t drawing much before the plague and I’m too worn out by the end of the day. I sort of ran low on ideas so I was slacking. I’m going to try to get back into that this weekend.

On the plus side, I haven’t drank at all three weeks. I’ve only drank twice since the end of January. It’s comforting to not have to deal with the anxiety a hangover brings. I reread some of my old notes and I’m seeing how much time I wasted recovering from drinking.

The Mets have been replaying all the wins from the 2019 season. They seriously should have replayed the whole mess, warts, bullpen breakdown, and all. The Royals went 1-2 against them last August. I was drifted off to New York beating Kansas City in the second game of the series.

March 25, 2020

The Sabres have been replaying some classic games on MSG this week. They sort of aren’t doing a great job, like you are watching old VHS tapes of the games, which you might very well be. They picked out some odd ones, too.

Monday they showed a four overtime win against the Devils in the first round of the 1994 playoffs. Dave Hannan scored in the fourth OT to give Buffalo the 1-0 win. Dominik Hasek made 70 saves that night and early morning. You could not hear the commentators at all until the later overtime periods. I was trying to remember all the player names, which I probably did know from playing hockey on the Sega Genesis a bunch at the time.

Last night they showed the final game at the Memorial Auditorium from 1996. The Sabres blew out the Whalers, 4-1. I was hoping Hartford could win, even though I knew the outcome in advance. What I noticed was the mid 90s happy alt rock playing between breaks in the action. They also played Kiss a couple times. How did we watch sports without the score being on the screen at all times?

Work was busy enough on Monday. The last day and a half have been quiet for me. It rained a lot on Monday and it was dry yesterday. The weather wasn’t that bad in all honesty. I did a little bit of driveway skateboarding and got in a quick walk at the college in the evening before watching the aforementioned hockey.

March 21, 2020

Hectic and uncomfortable times.

I did some driveway skateboarding after work Friday. It wound up being nice out still, although it wasn’t 70˚ F any more. I listened to records/CDs, read the sports section, and drew a bird to fill out the evening. I watched the end of a documentary on Len Bias on ESPN. Not exactly cheerful stuff.

I slept in until 8:30 AM today. I ate some breakfast and walked down to get a Jamestown paper. Nobody was at the store and they have a sneeze guard in front of the register. People are no longer allowed to scratch off lottery tickets at the counter. I hope that ban stays in effect once this plague clears out. I did some cleaning. A couple parts of my apartment could use a good dust removal, but I’m going to wait until it is warm enough to open the windows before doing that.

I pushed around in the street for a couple of minutes on my skateboard. It was very cold all day. There were more than a few snow flakes in the morning and I was actually happy to see that for once. I went for a long walk around the college in the afternoon. The sun came out. It was still 34˚ F at best with a bit of a breeze. It was somehow comfortable once you got moving.

I think I’m doing the same thing tonight of records and drawing with either ESPN or Mets replays. It’s amazing how many games have been played over the years that you wind up taking for granted that there will be more of them. It’s a pleasant distraction to revisit the old ones for the sake of learning history.

I’m hoping there is food when I go shopping tomorrow morning. I don’t need too much ever, but I’d like there to be bread. I’m also good on cleaning supplies, but if I can score a little bit extra, I’ll do it.

I always forget the paper with my passwords so I just use this site.

March 20, 2020

My end of work at the printshop has been a little slow the last day and a half. That sometimes happens, but this time around it is due to the virus. Overall, we did a fair amount of business this week so that’s good. I’m cautiously optimistic that we fall under the category of suppler to essential businesses so that makes us essential as well. I’m taking it one day at a time and not getting too negative or positive on anything. After my health, the next biggest concern is work. That’s dumb, but I need something to do each day.

I’ve gotten in driveway skateboarding each day after work this week. It is helpful just to get the fresh air. It’s also rained in the evening each night. I’ve been taking the time to look around the yard at my parents at the trees and plants that are starting to grow now that it is spring.

The morning started very warm and foggy with rain. The wind really ramped up and the temperature has been falling all day due to a cold front. It’s going to be in the 30s tomorrow after hitting 70 today.

I think I’ve gotten over the initial anxiety panic from last week. I’ve been able to unwind and sleep better the last couple nights. I’ll listen to some records, read the paper, and find a vintage game to watch on TV. The Mets’ channel has been rerunning the 2019 season, but they are only showing the wins. I wish they’d show everything because I don’t think anybody is playing sports for a long time. I switched it up by watching a Thurman Munson Yankeeography last night. He was an impressive catcher. Munson committed only one error in 117 games behind the plate in 1971. I also caught a little of a ALCS where the Yanks eliminated the Royals in the 70s, but I fell asleep for that.

I’m just going to try to rest up and recharge over the weekend. I’ll get in my grocery shopping and that’s going to be about it.

I ordered two pairs of jeans from JC Penney’s yesterday since it doesn’t look like I’ll be going to a mall any time soon.

March 18, 2020

Sunday sort of wasn’t good. I got my shopping and cleaning done. It was sunny, but windier. I went to the park again to skateboard. One other dude was there. He was sort of learning how to roll around on the mini. We kept our distance, although I don’t think he was aware of why I was doing that. I did OK. I did slam. I hit a rock and scraped my knee up. Nothing major, but it weirded me out. I didn’t stay very long, mainly due to the wind. I got cleaned up and ate lunch. I finished cleaning my apartment.

I decided to go for a walk at the college. On the way home there were these two tweakers walking down the opposite side of the street. One guy had a St. Patrick’s Day hat and was carrying a case of beer. The other guy kept yelling really loudly at these other two guys who were walking a distance in front of me. It was very unsettling. The two weirdos never crossed the street. I never got closer than ten feet to the other two guys, but we were going in the same direction. They weren’t coughing or anything so that’s a plus. I didn’t keep going on the same street and cut back through the college by cutting across the lawn of the president’s house. This whole event freaked me the fuck out. I gradually calmed down and finished off the cleaning for the day. I fell asleep watching the replay of the Mets game where Bartolo Colon hit his home run, but I missed that part.

Monday was jamming at work. The schools are in the process of closing and doing distance learning so we had stuff to print. I had design work, too. I did some driveway skateboarding after work. It was sunny and nice. I went to Tops for a couple of things. The bread shelves were empty, but otherwise the store was decently stocked. I tried to relax at night and crashed out early to the rerun of a Mets vs. Nationals game from 2019.

Tuesday was St. Patrick’s Day. The boss made corned beef stew. It was OK. I wasn’t really in the mood for it. The weather was cold and rainy. Things did dry up and the sun came out in the afternoon. There was bitter wind. I did about fifteen minutes of driveway skateboarding. I did nothing at night. I listened to records and read the papers. I watched the weather and the local sports.

I finished up a number of unexciting jobs at work today. Things were a little slower, which was good because the first two days of this week were way too hectic, especially when you factor in the ongoing crisis. This stuff grinds you down and I needed to catch up.

Something is messed up with my car stereo. It keeps cutting with a loud pop and then no sound coming out of the speakers. I think it might be a fuse or a loose speaker cable. I need to research this. It’s been doing this off and on for a while now, but it always seemed to reset after I turned the car off. Probably time to start checking the internet.

March 14, 2020

As I wrote earlier, Thursday was dead at work. Not the best situation ever when you are constantly checking all the news updates about the plague. It warmed up as the day moved along so I did some driveway skateboarding when I was done at the office.

Friday wound up being rather busy and I still have a bunch of stuff to take care of on Monday, so that’s good. I did some laundry yesterday evening and tidied up around my place. I got in a couple ollies on the sidewalk so that counts for skateboarding. The weather was damp, cold, and fairly windy the whole day. I watched a rerun of a Mets game and fell asleep on the couch.

For Saturday, I was up early. I went to Walmart and Tops for a couple things. It seemed mostly normal, minus the toilet paper shortage. You people need to add some vegetables and fruit to your all bacon diet and maybe you won’t need so much toilet paper.

All the usual runners, walkers, and dog walkers were out so I went to the park to skateboard for about 45 minutes. The sun was out and it was calm enough on the lake. This was a pleasant break from reality. Nobody else was around, which is why I went in the morning. A family with two little kids did show up as I was ready to call it a day.

I spent the rest of the day doing some cleaning and reading the papers. I had dinner with my parents and will probably try to do some drawing at home tonight. Nothing major. Just going to get groceries and finish the cleaning tomorrow. I might check out the skatepark again, but I’m not really sure. It’s supposed to be a little cooler.

I’m actually good with the decline in social interaction. It fits well with my plan to cut down on drinking by not going out. I’ve only drank twice in the last month and a half. I really want a Guinness for some reason, even though I’m not into St. Patrick’s Day at all. There’s no way I’m going out on Tuesday though.

I got this email from a label called Spleen Coffin advertising new records. I had to Google them to figure out what, if anything, I had bought from them before. Turns out I grabbed a couple tapes a year or so ago. I wound up ordering a record by Liz Meredith that features viola, electronics, and tape loops so that should be worthwhile once it shows up. I also ordered the new Horse Lords CD. It was supposed to be released the other day and they were supposed to go on tour, but we all know that ain’t happening for a while.

I’m over the initial shock of the virus shutdowns and feeling a little more composed, but I’m still really scared about the whole of this situation.

March 12, 2020

When they announced that the NBA had suspended their season last night, it freaked me out. I could not sleep at all. I’ve been trying to be reasonable about the corona virus, but that threw me for a loop. The big thing I’m worried about is accidentally infecting my parents, who are both over 80. My mom is super careful with cleaning everything so that’s good. I could not sleep at all last night since the news broke as I was watching a little TV before bed.

On the positive side, the Dunkirk girls basketball team won their sectional championship. I doubt the later rounds of the playoffs for the state championship will even happen.

The whole of the New York university system is resorting to long distance learning, except for select hands on art and lab classes. Students have the option to stay on campus/apartments or head home. Faculty and support staff will be able to use the university as normal.

Shit is getting heavy and I’m scared.


Sunday lived up to the billing of being sunny. It was warm, too. However, a strong wind was present. I didn’t feel like driving to Dunkirk to skateboard. My parents said the wind was nasty along the lake so I was glad I skipped out on going to the park. I did skateboard in the driveway for a bit. I gave my apartment a through cleaning and crashed out early watching the Knicks beat the Pistons. I think NY won.

The first three days of the week were really busy at work. I got in more driveway skateboarding. It rained on Tuesday. I probably could have gone to the park, but wasn’t feeling it as the news about the outbreak moved progressed. I’ve also gotten in walks around the college at night. The boss made Thai red chicken with rice for lunch on Wednesday.

Work has been dead today. I went skateboarding at the park on my lunch break for 18 minutes. It was sort of calm and not too cold on Lake Erie. I had a nice head clearing session to take my mind off things. I probably could go back after work since it is warming up and still nice, but I have to go to the bank. I’ll end up doing some driveway skateboarding.

The Royals finished Spring Training at 9-9 with a couple of ties.

3/07: Royals 7 Reds 2.
3/08: White Sox 5 Royals 4.
3/09: Royals 4 Diamondbacks 4.
3/10: Royals (SS) 4 Athletics 2.
3/10: Brewers 5 Royals (SS) 2.
3/11: Royals vs. Indians, ppd. rain.

March 7, 2020

Work was jamming this past week. I had to go on delivery runs. We had rush funeral programs, resumes, menus, business cards, and I don’t know what all else. It was a lot. We got it all done. The boss even made some type of chicken chowder for lunch one day.

I was relieved to not have to work for the paper. The basketball teams we cover are dropping like flies as the playoffs move along. I think a couple might end up winning sectional titles, but most are getting knocked out. I’m likely done with them for a while. I don’t mind.

There was rain all week. It eventually dried up for Thursday and half of Friday. I got skateboarding at the park after work on Thursday. Everybody came out of the woodwork to skate that day. It was a fun time and nice to not be alone at the skatepark.

I fucked up and drank a sixer of New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale on Thursday night. So much for straight edge March. I only had a regular hangover on Friday and I was able to focus past it for work. I somehow was feeling OK enough to go skateboarding for 15 minutes on my lunch break before the rain/snow mix started up. That made my day. It was cold and calm on the lake. I kind of just cruised around and left feeling better. I finished the day off by cleaning and watching some basketball.

Saturday was dry, sunny, cold, and windy. I ran some errands and cleaned. A lot. I went into work to vacuum my office. The carpet was getting super dirty. It is now less dirty. I hit up the park to skateboard when I was done. There was a bitter breeze off Lake Erie. I wasn’t really into it. I landed enough to make me happy. This little ten year old kid showed up from more than a few towns over with his parents. He was funny. He said that I skated better than his older brother. I did not land much that was remotely impressive, but I’ll take the compliment.

I’ve been dealing with laundry and watching Arkansas lose to Texas A & M. I’m staying in tonight and watching more hoops or something mellow.

It will probably all turn out all right in the end.

3/03: Royals 6 Diamondbacks 4.
3/04: Royals 9 Padres 7.
3/05: Rockies 9 Royals 1.
3/06: Royals (SS) 4 Angels (SS) 3.
3/06: Royals (SS) 4 Angels (SS) 4.

March 3, 2020

Sorry to hear about your grandmother, Chad.

I knew you were away, but I find it hard to follow along on Slack sometimes. I don’t check it every day so that doesn’t help.

Whoever designed the campus center didn’t take in to consideration that people might have to deliver boxes of heavy shit there in the rain.


The weather was spotty on Friday night for basketball photos. There were patches of blowing and drifting snow. It wasn’t horrid. It wasn’t fun either. The basketball game was one sided with Silver Creek crushing Gowanda, 101-50. I had a feeling that would happen. The playoff games start earlier and the paper only needed one photo so I was out of there fast. I made it down to Magill’s to see one of my friends play. I missed the opener. It was good to see people since I hadn’t been out in town in a month. I had a couple beers at the show after much internal debate. This would have been fine except I decided to bounce around to a couple other bars for the night. I stayed out past last call and drank too much. It sucked.

I was useless on Saturday. It was a cold day and I barely moved. I somehow got two loads of laundry done so go me. I wasted the extra day of the year. I sort of watched a lot of basketball and hockey.

I was still mentally shaky for Sunday. I forced myself to get all the cleaning and shopping done. I didn’t do a great job, but I managed. The sun came out and the temperatures warmed up. I did a couple minutes of skateboarding in the street since that was dry. I also drove up to the college and took a walk around campus. It felt nice to be outside. I watched the Lakers hang on to beat the Pelicans at night as well as some of the encore of Mets/Nationals baseball. I zonked out on the couch.

So yeah, I’m going back to not drinking. I feel like I undid a month of progress in one night. It still felt I was getting over it on Monday morning. Work was rough with a few confusing jobs.

2/28: Giants 3 Royals 1.
2/29: Royals 9 Mariners 6.
3/01: Athletics 10 Royals 6.
3/02: Kansas City had the off day.

February 28, 2020

Fake blizzards. We’ve been under a blizzard warning for the last two days. It has barely even snowed here. I believe other towns in the Buffalo area have gotten some snow. The main concern is the blowing winds, which have been present.

I did get skateboarding after work on Tuesday. I could have gone on my lunch break on Wednesday, but the boss made lasagna and I didn’t feel like moving. The rain started up on Wednesday afternoon and changed over to light snow that night.

For two days with a blizzard warning work has been seriously jamming. I’m glad we weren’t closed and could get everything done. It would have been hell to have to come in on the weekend and/or start from square one on Monday.

As far as I know I have high school playoff basketball photos tonight. The forecast is calling for snow, but things have been mild along the lake. At this point I’m unsure if I’d rather work tonight or work on Saturday afternoon if the game were to be rescheduled. I think maybe I’d rather have two full days off. Depends on how much snow there is.

A couple of my friends are playing Magill’s tonight. If I’ve got hoops, I doubt I will go. I wouldn’t get done until they are almost finished. I’m still doing sober February and I flat out don’t feel like being in a bar. I know I won’t drink beer, I’d simply rather not be around it.

I have not done a damn thing with my last two nights off. I’ve watched a little basketball and a skateboard video or two. I need to get back into drawing. I haven’t felt like it really. I think I’m creatively burned out from work.

2/25: Royals 5 Rangers 4.
2/26: Royals (SS) 7 White Sox 6.
2/26: Cubs 8 Royals (SS) 0.
2/27: Brewers 4 Royals 2.

February 25, 2020

The weather has been mostly mild the last few days. The dang winds finally died down. The printshop has been sort of busy. Or rather I’ve had a fair amount of stuff to do for about half the day each day this week.

The noise show on Saturday night was really good. It was in Andy’s living room. He played and so did his upstairs neighbor. The other two acts were from out of town and both were solid. Spiteful Womb was about the best of the night. I got to see a whole bunch of folks I don’t see very often. His dog was super into all the people. The cats, not so much.

Sunday was much warmer and sunny without much of the aforementioned wind. I got skateboarding for a long time in the afternoon. The new shoes are finally broken in and feel fine. I was getting worried for a minute there.

The forecast called for rain for the whole day, but that isn’t happening. I’m trying to figure out if I’m going to skateboard after work. I didn’t grab my board when I left this morning since I thought it would be wet all day. It dried up by midday. The breeze is rough off the lake so I think I’m going to pick up my board on the way home and just skate in the driveway at my parents. I’ve got laundry to do. I maybe can get a walk in to if it stays dry tonight.

The good local ice cream shop opened for the season this weekend. I got an ice cream cone last night. I think I always end up there more when it is cold out in the spring than I do in the summer. Their ice cream is great, but their customers are the worst. It’s all shitty soccer moms with “I’d like to talk to the manager” haircuts who have four demon spawn children running around all over the place.

2/24: Royals 8 Padres 5.
2/23: Indians 9 Royals 5.

February 22, 2020

Thursday was super cold. I only did a little bit of skateboarding in the driveway. I think I watched basketball at night, too. Friday was still cold with a nasty windchill. I did some driveway skateboarding for a while. It was decent enough. The printshop got busy after the midweek lull. That’s usually how it goes. It will be quiet for a day or two and then not quiet.

I had Friday night off from the paper. I guess they could have sent me to Fredonia for a girls basketball game against Panama, but the sports editor didn’t feel like trying to cover the game. We never cover Panama so it would have been cool to see them play. At the same time, I’m not complaining about a night off. I watched a bunch of music videos by New Zealand bands on YouTube and generally did nothing with my free evening.

Today has been sunny and warmer, but the nasty windchill is still there. I ran some errands and went to the park to skateboard. It was not fun. I landed the two tricks I wanted to feel good about myself and got out of there. My new shoes aren’t great. I wish I never started skating in them because they are nice otherwise. Oops. I got a walk in at the college and did some cleaning. I cleaned for my parents, too. I’m going up to Buffalo for a noise show in Andy’s living room tonight. I figure I have to take advantage of the mild winter to see a couple touring acts.

I’m almost at four weeks without a beer. I do sort of want a beer at times, but it is getting easier to decline that urge. It’s great not having to recover from a night out. Even if a day isn’t going smoothly, it’s way easier to deal with.

The Royals lost their Spring Training opener to the Rangers, 5-4.

February 19, 2020

It has been freakin’ slow at work this week. I blame the holiday. I’ve had assorted random stuff to do, but it hasn’t exactly been jamming. I mopped my bathroom and the plate burning section of my office. I need to vacuum my office, too. I think our one vacuum cleaner at work broke.

I got skateboarding both Monday and Tuesday in the driveway at my parents. I built this little curb/ledge thing. It needs to be longer, but otherwise, it is sort of neat. Monday was a good day and Tuesday was not. I could not get into skateboarding at all and felt miserable the whole time. It was also windy and slighty damp so that didn’t help. I’ve been thinking about the actual part of riding the board way too much in my off time and it is messing up my head. I need to relax that I know how to do the tricks and that the muscle memory is always there. Thinking is bad. I’m going to check out the park when I clock out today. It’s maybe 30˚ F with a breeze and there could be a couple flakes in the air. I haven’t been there in two weeks due to weather. I’m going to roll for 15 minutes and not try to do much so I leave feeling good.

The Sabres were vetoed by the Senators last night, 7-4. I took a break from watching hockey while Buffalo was on a losing streak, but they have won a couple. Hockey is a tough sport and the Sabres simply aren’t good at it.

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