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Originally from: Fredonia
Currently residing in: Fredonia, NY
I've been on arkansasrockers since October 23, 2002
Last updated on May 24, 2020 at 4:09PM

In General

I lived in Fayetteville for three and a half years while I got my Masters at the University of Arkansas. And one of those years I even lived on a farm.

Locking the taskbar.

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Thanks, Clay.


Yes, I am here. The site came back magically in February. Everybody who updated then has not updated since. John Mark made a Slack channel. Only a handful of people use that, but it gets regular updates. I’ve stuck with this out of habit. Although I only post once a week. Been meaning to type up a week in review.

I am tired and getting ready to fall asleep to Game Six of the 1986 World Series.

Let’s see here. It’s the holiday weekend. I finally get an extra day of rest. Thank you armed service members who gave their all for the country. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Work was full this past week. We finished off printing about 150 banners for the seniors at Dunkirk. They are hanging on the fence by the school’s football field. I really hope they don’t get fucked up somehow. I was mentally out of it after that project and luckily I could kind of chill for a day or so. Friday was a normal pre-plague type of work day. We are still on reduced hours, but it’s not strict any more. If there’s stuff to do, you can stay until you get it done. I’ve been using the last bit of the day to wipe down and clean my office, even though nobody uses it besides me.

My part of New York has started to reopen. This is scarier than the shutdown. Fingers crossed it goes well.

It’s been kind of rainy and warm. The sun has popped out both days this weekend thus far. I did the driveway skateboard thing yesterday, but I was not into it. I pushed around in the street for a couple of minutes this afternoon. It felt good to be out in the warm weather. I somehow stepped in mud and got it all over my griptape so that stunk.

I did my usual stroll around the college campus after buying groceries. There were a lot of people walking when I went to the store, but it had thinned out to the regulars when I went walking so the fresh air was beneficial for stress relief.

I’ve been really into watching the Mets’ 1986 playoff run. I’ve caught most of the games before zonking out to Game Six last night. I think they are showing the last one tonight. I’ve been hoping to catch some more Korean Baseball except it keeps being on at weird times. I get up earlier on weekends to go shop than I do on weekdays.

I always am ordering records and it has felt weird not getting anything in the mail. I did get a few very things in April and have gotten a bunch more in May. I’ve done a couple digital only purchases from the labels I regularly buy tapes from. I haven’t seen an issue of Thrasher since March. They’ve been updating their website somewhat without giving much away so who knows when they will be back in print. I did get an issue of ArtForum. I’m not sure how many they missed, probably at least one.

May 16, 2020

The work was jamming this week. We are printing banners for each senior at Dunkirk. There have been a lot of yard signs, too. Next looks to have more of the same. It is a tad stressful.

My skateboard and parts showed up on Monday. By contrast the records I ordered from North Carolina the previous Thursday also got here on Monday. I did get in skateboarding each day this week except for a rainy Friday. I did not mind a day off. Things were dry in the evenings so I got my walk in at the college, too. Nobody was around so that was good. There were too damn many people out this morning who were not paying attention to where they were going. It should be graduation this weekend, but the town is empty.

I’ve been watching the Mets vs. Astros 1986 NLCS the past few nights. It is an interesting thing to see. The differences between sports in the 80s and now are slightly jarring. I am kind of liking the older games better. There is less of everything.

I got a good chunk of the weekly cleaning done today. I still have laundry, more cleaning, and groceries to cross of the to-do list.

May 9, 2020

It was cold and snowy the last couple days. I’ve gotten in a walk each day. I saw a pair of bluebirds at the college this morning. I’ve fit in a little street skateboarding between the snowflakes.

Today is my birthday. The skateboard deck and parts I ordered were delayed in shipping from Rochester somehow. Given that the city is two hours away and the order shipped on Wednesday, it should not have taken this long. I had dinner with my parents. Otherwise, I did a little cleaning and took it easy. Not really all that much to do anyway.

I am listening to records and going to crash out early. I’ve got to go for groceries in the morning and finish up the cleaning.

The fake Royals blanked the fake Twins in the Strat-O-Matic fake baseball season, 3-0. Jorge Lopez struck out ten and Jorge Soler hit another homer. The Royals are actually good in this version of MLB. I’ll take it.

May 8, 2020

Work was jamming for the week, I suppose. I’ve designed so many lawn signs for graduating seniors and a few birthday banners. Paying customers are paying customers so I can’t complain, but I could for a little variety. Oh, well.

I set up a new board last Saturday. Skateboarding has happened nearly every day over the week. I’ve been more excited about it some days than others. My new board was much needed. I swear Polar uses two different wood shops depending on how the decks are finished. The ones with full paint feel heavier than the ones with exposed wood grain. It’s the oddest thing and I can’t tell if it is all in my head. The new board sure feels lighter than the old one.

I’ve been falling asleep to whatever sports talk of game replay is on in the evening. I’ll only watch the local news at 6:00 PM. Otherwise, I stick to reading the paper for news on the plague. It makes it easier to digest.

I’ve been trying to draw more. After twenty years of working on a need it now deadline, my own creative process moves as slow as molasses. I dug up some old sketches I did in Arkansas in 1999 or 2000. A bunch I used for etchings at the time, but I photocopied a few I didn’t use and I’m going to redraw them. They are all rather rough, yet also interesting.

I really hope it rains today.

May 1, 2020

Work has been fairly busy this week. We’re doing reduced hours so we are only open from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. It’s actually been a little tough for me to get everything done in the day. I’ve come to appreciate the extra time we had for the purpose of thinking about how to do stuff. I’m not complaining. I’m taking things one day at a time and not getting too optimistic or pessimistic on anything.

The weather has been sort of seasonable the past week. The sun had been out and it has been warmer. A rainy cold front did move in on Thursday. I’ve gotten in skateboarding nearly every day. I miss the skatepark, but I’m making do with what I’ve got. It’s about time to set up a new board. I’m not sure if it will dry up for later today.

Yesterday’s rain moved through the area by 8:00 PM so I went for my usual walk. Nobody else was out, which made for an enjoyable stroll. I’ve been slacking on walking lately. I don’t feel like running into clueless walkers.

Generally, people are wearing face masks and keeping their distance. There are still a lot of crappy old white dudes that aren’t. The neighbors of my parents keep having people over on Saturday nights. The neighbor on my street still has his game night where they play some stupid Dungeons & Dragons game. I went to Walmart for a curbside pickup on Monday afternoon. By the amount of traffic, you would never know anything is wrong with the world. Shit is weird.

It’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow. I printed out a couple of bird pictures I took in the yard many years ago and framed them. I don’t have many shopping options for gifts and I didn’t feel like ordering anything. I spent enough money in April and want to chill on buying stuff.

I have been buying a digital download or two each week to support whatever noise label I can think of. It’s odd not getting tapes and records in the mail any longer. I’ve got one big order from 100% Silk and Not Not Fun that I imagine will show up sooner or later. I figure they’ll ship everything in one box so they don’t have to go out as much. My record wish list is getting really short. Oddly, I feel OK with that. Like I said, shit is weird.

It’s May. I always make that observation when the calendar changes to a new month.

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