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First time I've changed this photo in 4 years

Originally from: fort smith/fville, AR
Currently residing in: DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY
I've been on arkansasrockers since July 12, 2002
Last updated on Sep 5, 2016 at 5:21PM

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In General

RIP Pops. You done good.







Aaaah what a breath of fresh air over here.

I have signed off Facebook excluding some forums I need to keep up with.

Suddenly today I remembered this site, came here and saw my last update was about a year ago. It seems like so much longer. This year was rough.


I was employed and soon I will be unemployed. There is a new guy who seems promising. I still have cats. I still live in the same apartment. I still don’t like New York. I spend all my spare time doing a sporting activity most people don’t understand or care about.

So really, not much has changed.

That’s okay though.






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