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Originally from: The Outskirt Hills of Fayetteville
Currently residing in: Chicago,
I've been on arkansasrockers since the beginning of time.
Last updated on Sep 19, 2016 at 10:32AM

In General

Waking up. Making coffee. writing to learn / learning to write

it all happens behind my eyes, but it’s still there. Alive inside. foggy mornings, wet streets, steep smooth hills, the white noise sound of my wheels rolling over pavement muffling my ears, dampening all calls to catch my attention or the lack of.

never playing but listening to all your bands, and moved by the sounds. It nourished something in me and quelled the pangs of hunger. underfed but energized by beat, thunk, squelch, and screamy / murmurs. I don’t remember mees but I remember yutes. Propelled through space. spatially entangled. pulling the substance with me, or smearing the probability of my exact position. 

this gray cloud rains on assparades.

this dark center of the universal order of armageddon

this sad sack not for the lack of trying

this ruiner left moving further john henry west

this slingshot vigilante son of a jawbreaker

this dirty snot kid a doodlebug conjured by evangelicals found salvation army in econochrist

this snake cheater stealthy sneaker chased by campus copouts and finding sanctuary in the university library.



I moved back to Chicago from Oakland. 

Injured but still rolling 

Venture 5.25

Ricta core 52mm

Misiano skatepark builders team deck 8.00"


looking for pen pals, book clubs, soundscrapers, adventures in spacetime, and game. 


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