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Originally from: Watertown SD
Currently residing in: WHISPERING TIMBERS MUTHAFUKKA!, arkansas
I've been on arkansasrockers since March 20, 2004
Last updated on Nov 9, 2017 at 10:21PM

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In General

S.Halvorson NREMT, Butcher, dog-napper


thanks, Nigerian dudes.



Okay okay, ill stop lurking and actually type out a cohesive thought from time to time.


I got married 

We had to put our dog to sleep 

We went to des Moines for the second wedding extravaganza 

Thats  my last two weeks 


My sister has had mystery illness the past year, neuropathy  in her feet and doctors couldnt figure it out.

She left our wedding quick but that is how she is. Everytime we saw her she looked worse.

Monday, her boyfriend takes her to the ER. Her neuropathy is due to my sister being an out of control alcoholic. ER geta her stable and my parents check her into a rehab.

In detox her BP soars and she has a seizure. Ambulance, sister is put into ICU. Nobody calls our folks. Boyfriend texts mom the next day.

All this while we were drivinghome from Iowa. Dad calls me after dinner tonight.

My sister is still in the ICU for a few more days at least. My mom sounds beyond exhausted. My dad is trying to keep up everyone’s morale. Me and him don’tknow how to react.

My sister is  28 years old, going through  DT’s, who knows how badly she’s destroyed herself with box wine.


Jen is being supportive and i appreciate it. But im sitting on the back patio smoking and typing on a cellphone.

I don’t want to go to work. I want peace and quiet. I dont want to explain this bullshit to our grandparents. 


Fuuuuck….how about the hogs




And lastly without context, the last thing I had up before the Lord Emperor Marmalade killed ArRockers.

"Us Halvorson’s see pain, take it, live with it, invite it into our homes and spit in it’s face"



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