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Mr. Harmon

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Mr. Harmon

Crying Glenn Beck is my spirit animal

Originally from: Rogers, War Eagle and Fayetteville, Arkansas
Currently residing in: LA CA 310-699-2757 johnharmon@gmail.com, CA
I've been on arkansasrockers since November 1, 2002
Last updated on Feb 12, 2020 at 12:07PM

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In General

well, putin has the pee tape.

most upper level intelligence admit that the actual election records of some counties were hacked.

a duck went down in branson.  The death count was baffling until it occured to me that it must have rolled over.  I imagine half died trying to save the other half.  

I went on a date the other night with a pretty cool woman.  We accidentally started talking about diet.  Somehow we are on the same page:  Morning has broken like the first morning.  We’re going to meet again before I ship out:  either at the bar that used to be a bomb shelter or at the bar located in a video rental place.  (We are not meeting at the bar that used to be a mortuary or the pizza place that used to be a  mortuary. I love Tucson– I think Barthelme thought that his world would look like Houston– but it really looks like Tucson.)  We both had a beer and a salad.  I am at the point in my life where I think salad is both a meal and bullshit.  (Soup is still a weird, hot drink.)

She is a Master Nurse.  Brain trauma, neurological devolvement, vascular collapse– the works.  I watched her eyes as they flit and fluttered around the room when she wasn’t looking at me.  Per usual, I talked about cults for 20 minutes.  But really what I was talking about was a form of architecture of cults and belief and diet. And probably we were just two people and I was just talking saying nothing. 

Most people who write are born with it.  Prolific writers can be sociopaths.  It isn’t difficult to turn a phrase– it is the long line, the narrative that is the trick.  I’m getting bored with reading.  I wish I could figure out how to un-learn reading, un-learn my opinions, learn to love whole wheat pasta and whatever.  I think Samuel Beckett actually did that.  Then he turned phrases in French.     






















Silver age

When the golden age had ended, the golden race still existed and roamed the earth as benevolent spirits. The war, where the Olympians had won, was over and peace was achieved. It was time for the gods to create a new, silver, generation of mankind. This silver race was said to be inferior in all terms to the golden race. They were immature and needed a hundred years to grow up. But when they finally grew up, they lived short lives because of their foolishness to keep sinning and not listening and honoring the gods who were losing patience and at some point Zeus became so mad that he destroyed this silver race of beings and ended the sliver age.



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