What is ArkansasRockers?

ArkansasRockers.com is kind of strange. It's a little bit myspace, a little bit craigslist, a little bit community message board. The people on this website are mostly the younger "creative types." You know, musicians, artists, writers. We've also got lots of moms, dads, and working stiffs. And who the hell says that you can't be both? We've got those too. What everyone has in common is some kind of connection to The Natural State and a desire to stay in contact with each other.

Why wouldn't I just use Facebook or MySpace?

Sites like Facebook and MySpace are great at what they do, and ArkansasRockers.com isn't aiming to replace them. You won't find tons of features here. You can't play online games with your friends or strangers. Heck, right now, there's not even a bulletin board. The atmosphere here is more akin to hanging out at your favorite bar on a Tuesday night. You're gonna see people you know and you're comfortable around. Maybe you'll run into someone you haven't seen in years and you can find out what they're doing. In other words, it's good times.

How do I sign up?

To join arkansasrockers.com, give us your email address and we'll send you a message with all you need to sign up. Takes about 5 minutes.